How do I say?

We fell in love and made an agreement with the largest commitment I’ve taken up until that point.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. Your mother’s strength was on full display the day you arrived. Thinking it is not possible to love my queen anymore than I did. So many years of making plans with you at the front and center of our minds. Drawing near right before our eyes.

Ordering and orienting our footsteps to be the best you need us to be. Keeping our hopes, vision and dreams synced as to avoid division. Division was the enemy in the first year that we guarded against. Things weren’t the same ever since. We chose decision over division with these two strings, bonded together with our Heavenly father in between.

Planning, praying and pondering who you would become.. knowing that we had to build a home of stone to protect you. Bricks were not good enough.

Parents and friends happy for us, all asking when you would arrive. We placed a stone and waited, fixed on the why….

Discussing, agreeing and keeping God at the center of every interaction. We placed a stone and waited….

Goals, aspirations and dreams larger than we could imagine. We placed a stone and waited as our love grew…

The day is here and my heart was pounding. Steady as a rock with God only I imagined. What will she look like, who will she be, where did she come from, what gifts would I see?

The time has come, bearing witness to the miracle, you were here and his Glory filled the room. Humbled as I heard you cry, through fear I was comforted because we were now a tribe.

My love for you grows stronger day by day, with beauty, poise and wisdom I put my full trust our Heavenly Father guides your way. So thankful for our unit that expanded since, with a bond that grows stronger as he gave us our prince.

Daily seeking God’s face asking for his wisdom to raise you at all the different stages. Making sure we are assuring your identity in him, as he charged us with being your parents.

Thank you for reading.


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