Changing world for our children. Watch what you communicate.

Be mindful what you say in your home. The atmosphere you create plays a role in how your children adapt. The world is changing at a blistering pace.

  • Teach them how to love and be loved. So they expect nothing less and give with an open heart.
  • Speak words of kindness and be slow to anger. They maybe put in places higher than you’ve been or lower where the perceived benefit is void.
  • Show them the importance of loving knowledge and truth. The combination will be needed to navigate a world different from your own.
  • Allow them to see that you accept people for their character and the need of others. They may walk with those who don’t look like themselves.
  • Demonstrate stable predictable routines that can serve to fortify their character. Being able to maintain their identity as they venture in a world where the wind blows fiercely and remain planted is priceless.
  • Teach them how to truly bring value by always bringing value yourself. This way they will never go hungry.
  • The journey is joy and maintaining our spirit in the midst of change may keep away bitterness at work and in relationships.
  • Treat your body as priceless by what you put in it or let it experience. To change a cycle of substance abuse or abuse of any kind is not an easy path to traverse. Changing a mind only comes through Grace.

Change is the thing we must embrace because it’s as certain as time itself.

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