Why are some so drawn to children?

So many are drawn to serving children. My assumption is that they may say, “I just loved children.” Or some may have a story about their youth that binds them to the call to help the little ones grow. I believe the navigation that we all do lends the need to partner with another along this journey. We are not called to walk alone and I believe even if we have an urge to separate ourselves to be alone it should only be temporary. It may be very well be tied to the process of healing which coincidently is tied rest in order for our cells to renew. Is it possible that escape of rest some might argue to be a choice, I wouldn’t disagree but why? They may say, “I don’t know” but here are a few:

  • You don’t understand I have been hurt so many times.
  • I just need to reset.
  • I just need to be by myself.
  • If you know what I been through you would understand.
  • People are mean.
  • I can do without people!

We cannot! Long pause ……………………………… I sincerely understand the pain we suffer can shatter us, but I don’t believe we are truly broken until we isolate ourselves without God. We need to use the time to know the truth and learn how to love again. Just my belief I am wanting to share but you must seek this for yourself. Do not reject it until you truly explore the idea.

Connections are our makeup. The brain learns and develop by forming new connections through, experience, imagination, knowledge and prunes connections that are not put to use. If this is the case we should not explore new ideas we know to be good for all three parts of you. I believe our spirit soul and body are one but our body gets to experience the physical and convey the message. It can be misleading because it can takes us down paths we know to be wrong. “We know.” The ability to choose can misguide us because I do’t believe we always know what’s good for us.

How does this all ties to kids? I believe the innocence of kids and their ability to pull on your heart is a way of ultimate service to another, with a person who is developing a voice. A voice that is not yet tainted by the pain and hurt in the world. Be mindful that you too hold that voice and you too can get it back if so desire, you have to renew your mind as a child. Folks, we all know it’s hard to change a person mind that has evolved into a habit, manifest as part our character or image. The mind guards and allows access to the heart. This too is impossible to do alone.

Thanks for reading and hopes this brightens someone’s day. You are not alone……

#Love is all around. #Love is also a choice. #Love is never forced. Love is Kind. #Love never boast of itself. Love is a connection between two or more. #Love is not science and this is why man (species) will never find it in stars, galaxies, atoms or elements. #Love cannot be measured so the closest thing to our understanding is that its infinite. #Love is hope.


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