How do we serve? (Repost)

What if we are placed here to grow and become the best stewards of people? I believe that we should consider that in order to give effective service to another, we have to love God through the ones he’s placed in our circle. Do we seek to benefit ourselves or do we go in to serve another without placing a monetary value before rendering the service. To become valuable is by solving the problem of one or many!

Serve and cultivate your relationship with our creator first. Meditate on his word, and develop the ability to listen. Get to know the gifts and treasure that lie within so you can get on the mission of growing and developing those things. You typically won’t have to look far for some of the good things that you are compelled to do, possibly willing to do it freely and even pay for it through an education. We should be mindful of associating it with things that we go after for economic gain. Don’t get me wrong that the two can be tied but be aware that they may not. Passions are not necessarily gifts.

Chase understanding of the basic aspect of that good thing you love and would do freely. I recommend you start with understanding the aspect that interest you the most and build a collection of additional knowledge to gain more understanding as you develop the skill.

Now it gets interesting, the thing that you have been cultivating is a need in your community or an unknown community but the best bet, is to be of service to one. Give the created thing, skill or service as a gift to another that can appreciate it or is in need.

The joy that it brings will be worth it in the joy of another, with all the love, training and care you put in will be on display.

Hopefully this is meant for another and can aid you on your journey or allow you to see your journey differently.

Thank you for reading


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