What’s important, what’s not

First things are first and major on the majors and monor…. You know the rest. Some things should be left alone.

Suggestions for stating your day. Your brain can be at it’s sharpest at this time of day.

  • We need to start our day with thanksgiving and prayer.
  • Make the bed. The little things do matter.
  • Read words that encourage you lift you and inspire.
  • Meditate on a few of those words.
  • Feed yourself first.
  • This is best done when the house is at it stillest.
  • What it means? Be first awake if necessary.
  • It is difficult to serve others effectively if we haven’t serve ourselves. You may only last until noon without it, or worst as you come home from work with nothing left and your home work should begin.
  • Exercise is important for our success, find a way to elevate our heart for a few minutss.
  • Our family is most important in our lives. Jobs should get our best but so should the ones we are called to steward.
  • Our kids need to do some of the same.
  • A family huddle would be nice for as many days you can afford. It is a priority with all one can worry about as we walk out the door.
  • The commute can also be a sacred space. Do all above and if you are plagued by rage or anger with thecommute, it will decreas.
  • Give it a few days and I expect people may notice the positive change. Wishing you all the best for your day.
  • Oh, what’s not important? It may become apparent by now.

Thank you for reading.


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