This is a lesson for all no matter the age.

When you’re in your work, people will come find you and pay you for your gifts. Even if you are introverted, desperately want to be alone and left alone. The treasure will be valued even if you cannot. All attempts to hide understanding will come up short.

The talents and gifts you posess are not yours! The drive to create a thing can be manifested from the prayer of another across the world. Do not ignore your gifts, seek the truth, find your gift and begin its development because its too valuable for anything less.

#What gift are you hiding within?

#No one is without one.

#Others don’t know the value.

#I don’t know how valuable I am.

#Talent or a waste of time?

The best things a created under constraint, pressure, in obscurity, when no one is looking, in rich or poor, at the brink of destruction, surrounded by enemies, when all hope is lost. So don’t lose hope.

Allow yourself to pulled by the good thoughts and imagination within. Feel free to be lost in it because you might be the wrapping of something truly special to humanity.

Thanks for reading.

Strive to Become, with open wonder and marvel in the gift that is today. Every moment is filled with immense value.

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