Reaching for understanding

Why I believe words and numbers are connected to the very fabric of life.

I believe in we and us to create anything. Only the number to start must begin with three or greater than one.

I believe good will always triumph over evil, just as light and darkness is not a comparison only an absence.

I believe all are deserving and can be set aside for the one, solely because of what it may be carrying for the collective.

I believe all things are connected because they come from the same source.

I believe two people in agreement can overcome all obstacles. Division of good is not good because good only multiplies when divided.

I believe love is the greatest multiplier of the good, exponentially greater than them all.

I believe something can be so valuable that you will pay any price.

I believe faith in anything comes by hearing and we hear via words. Similarly a tree is the gift of a seed and fruit are the gift of a tree.

I believe you are more powerful than your wildest imagination but as fragile as your greatest strength.

I believe and infinite number of things or gifts for only one to exist. If only to teach where he or she is derived from and what they are capable.

I believe in the interaction of things formulates purpose by and from the interaction itself.

I believe things that may be lost, abused, misused, malfunction, or simply to be void of light, is anything or any being that has lost its owners manual outlining what a thing is. This for sure leading you to not know what to do with such a thing.

Below I have attached a list of things that have only but a word to describe them but have some astronomical numbers associated with it all. These numbers may constitute as waste for some but to others, its only a minuscule explanation or analogy for love. I hope these words place together in the series of simple sentences resonate with you causing a reverb in your environment. Happy Sunday!

How much is in one words?

Examples of large numbers describing everyday real-world objects include:

  • The number of bits on a computer hard disk (as of 2010, typically about 1013, 500–1000 GB)
  • The estimated number of atoms in the observable universe (1080)
  • Earth’s mass consists of about (4×1051nucleons
  • The number of cells in the human body (estimated at 3.72 × 1013)[1]
  • The number of neuronal connections in the human brain (estimated at 1014)
  • The lower bound on the game-tree complexity of chess, also known as the “Shannon number” (estimated at around 10120)[2]
  • The Avogadro constant is the number of “elementary entities” (usually atoms or molecules) in one mole; the number of atoms in 12 grams of carbon-12 – approximately 6.022×1023.


Thank you for reading. Authored and signed by one voice in coordination with three parts with direction from one source. Please partake with me to produce more of this content.


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