How we grow

No seriously, how?

At times ……. Which one comes first again?

Expectation leading to crying as a baby, lying in waiting with a magnetic helplessness? Maybe I shouldn’t let them sleep in my room so much? Actually I should not let this precious thing hit me in the face… he/she is just playing, they so cute.

Faith and Curiosity like a child and how large is a mustard seed again? Cunning as a fox when I want something. They always say no but I always seem to get it. Maybe I will keep asking!

We got to go to the school again for hitting. I told you not to rough house so much… I think I should have told him when to stop and when it is okay and not. Maybe?

Fearless and Selfishness as a Teen for the thing you want bordering recklessness.

Courageous and filled with Passion as a Young adult. With a shot for Independence but a need for coverage?

What skills should I be developing again when I go off to college?

What does it mean for adults to be aggressive like a lion but control it? In the zone but multitasking?

My parents gave me so much how can I ever repair them. I probably should give it back in some way, charity or someone in need?

I have so much but why does it feel like something is missing? Not sure if all that church stuff is for me. I really enjoyed the last time my friend invited me. Probably need to go one more time.

Beautiful at all times but I feel yucky right now and don’t want to see anyone. “You must be kidding!” Why is he still staring at me… Wait why can’t I stop staring ….

This love hurts so bad or is it fear, I am so confused right now but I wouldn’t trade it for the world, this little thing is a miracle.

Protective as a parent with strength of an Ox? Suck it up and be a man but why don’t you speak or take things seriously?

Thank you for your service, I am not done serving. What do you mean they let you go due to downsizing?

What is understanding when none of it seems to matter? Does it matter?

How do you have child like faith when you are under attack? At home, work, in relationships, with parents? Wait, I am not sure if I’m under attack?

Why does gray hair make you wise and why do some of the elderly become so quiet as they age? What are their thoughts? How much of this thing do I really need?

Why does no one listen? Is this thing on? Am I saying it right, that was profound and it took me 40 years to figure that out. Na, they did not hear me or they’re just clueless. It must be the latter, wait for it.

What can I bring? I don’t understand these gadgets!

If they only knew how much I love them, I would give my life for them, wow I did. I still believe in them, I believe in you honey. Well, its just the two of us, you should know by now what I like!

I know I get angry, wait quiet, no distant, maybe flippant, impatient, lacking affection, distracted, sad, depressed, lustful, emotionless, but honestly, I do love you and would do it all over again. I pray I make you as happy as you make me.

Keep on living because this is life. The moments are great, I hope I am appreciated enough. I am actually exceeding glad and thankful.

Thank you for reading…


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