Teens who want to babysit.

There are plenty of sites that list the things to do to get business if you want to start babysitting. I thought I would create a short list of things for you to become a baby sitter or better.

  • Courses and Certs – First aid, CPR, BLS, recent background check if necessary depending on age, early childhood disease and disorders, working with kids with learning difference.
  • Communication – with parents should be clear, short with time stamped note taking.
  • Make the space it better – Keep the space clean and safe as possible even if you met it untidy. Prepare the zone for the kids that’s controlled with planned activity areas.
  • Do not disturb – Limit personal phone use and other distractions while working. In fact silent the phone and only allow calls from the parents and your import personal calls.
  • Supplies – charged phone with back up portable charger, flashlight, tissue, bandage and antiseptic with expiration verified, extra change of clothes for the kids in reach, ID cards, employer info on speed dial.
  • Record keeping – note the time you arrive and or the time you begin working.
  • Entertain – the children via reading, simple step wise experiments, poems and nursery rhymes, songs, games, props like a red nose, funny classes, or even a colorful hair piece is optional.
  • Modulate voice while reading for kids with short attention, designate kids with behavior concerns as helper for the day with a sheriffs badge, praise kids often for task completed, get verbal agreement with eye contact and handshake with the child.
  • Speak clear and firm when correcting behavior with appreciation for cooperation.
  • Employer Interaction – Ever informational or instruction interaction should include respectful responses: yes mam, yes sir or some variant. Handshakes with eye contact and appropriately firm grip.
  • Never use inappropriate language, tone, conversation, behavior or allow anyone else to while under your care.
  • If someone including the employee engages you in an inappropriate conversation. Ask to be excused and get back to work if you are safe and address it with the employer at the end of the days commitment.
    Cash – have $20 – 40 in small bills on you at all times and give back change if the total is above the agreed upon payment, issue receipts. (Square payment, zelle, cash…)
    Uniform – consider a uniform for yourself if you so desire.
    Express – thankfulness and gratitude for tips received and for the opportunity to work with the families.
    Check in with you family every 1 to 3 hours when on a new assignment. Ask to be relieved for a brief conversation if necessary.
    Never loose your temper, call anyone outside their names, yell at the kids, leave kids unattended, or hit or spank anyone’s kid regardless if they tell you it okay or not.
    Be vigilant for signs of choking, shortness of breath, seizures, allergic reactions….
    Keep food prep and cleaning stations sanitized with proper methods.
    Avoid entertainment for yourself beyond an appropriate book or small amounts of shook work of allowed. Limit to no more that 15min per hour if possible.
    Avoid being late at all cost and communicate if you cannot make it as early as possible. For future schedules or current.

This list is not for all situations and can be expanded to include a lot more information if this was helpful. Please consider why I wrote each note from your own understanding and get a second opinion from your parent. Leave comments below as well.

Thank you


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