Season to season.

A season of joy when your child is given their best at school and at home. Followed by a season when a comment is made online and they are isolated by their friends with the only benefit is that they know that they are loved.

One of harmony when you spend time with a grand parent planning for an upcoming outing. Followed by the tragic loss of that same woman who cared for you from birth. Thankful for the memories.

Family vacations with little worry about budget. To a year where local activities filled the day with the focus on togetherness.

Parents who are busy with schedules and work commitments. The bills are paid but with little time for anything else. A job loss causing income loss of greater than 60%. Discussion of hope, creativity and thankfulness within.

Routines of hair appointments, buying things that you thought you needed. Managing the new portion that comes in with concern and peace undulating moment to moment.

A time of generosity. To a time of willful intentional generosity because you know it to be true.

Love for one another in the midst of all that has changed. Learning that change is the constant that you prepare a family for with steadfast commitment to the things of value.

The anticipation of needs knowing that a discussion is needed regarding certain things placed as priority even though the truth is known. Maybe I will discuss it another time.

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