Do we underestimate our capability.

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Can we become smart like Einstein?

Fast as Usain Bolt?

Inspirational as Jim Ron?

Rich as Gates?

Committed as Mandela and Gandhi?

A teacher like Jesus?

I believe we can be all are these are possible and so much more. No we are not all the same, we are constantly bombarded by life and few are able to get to the influence of the chosen few. 

We were created in God’s image and have abilities we have yet to uncover. Evidence some may argue is pivotal to this but I argue the evidence is in our imaginations, even to the least of us. Anything that you can imagine, governed by some of what we know as basic principles of the physical world is definitely possible. This imagination in association with our belief and we can achieve what we currently think as impossible. Some of the limitations that tends too present, we have to master such as: our emotions, belief, identity, environment, atmosphere, purpose and our minds to name a few.

Can we malfunction if we don’t know who we are?

I know this may be up for debate but keep seeking if there is doubt and with an open heart we will all have our answers. 


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