Where is my Dad?

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Maybe he will be home soon.

Mom don’t you worry, my Dad will know what to do.

Who am I, when I speak with my Dad maybe he will tell me.

Do you think I am like my Dad.

Dad, do you think you can make it to my wedding? I would really like it if you could be there… Let me know what I can do so you can come.

If we had a Dad, maybe we wouldn’t be so poor.

You don’t understand me. Maybe I should just go lice with Dad.

Mom who can I model my self after since I only lived with you and Grandma. There is so much I want to know.

Maybe my Dad can come over and fix it.

Mom, I always get angry. Was my Dad angry too.

Maybe when he get off work.

Can he come meet us…

Can you be my Dad?

#Become the source, sustainer protector, chief presence and teacher.

#Dad, You are enough.

#Produced in love.

#You would be surprised how little it takes for them feel like they matter. The question comes for all kids!

#Brothers, Uncles and Men within the community, step in and help with non primary roles. There is definitely a need for more male teachers.

#I want to be better! Hero has many meanings, here’s one: the principal male character in a story, play, film, etc. Now the word principle -first or highest in rank, importance, value, etc.; chief; foremost.

#Partner with all who share access or has access to your child’s heart. Place the importance of partnership over all conflict with another.

Please don’t let this be painful to read. Let it be a problem we can fix, one action, voice, presence, affirming word, at a time. Money is never the most important thing beyond the basics if you have limited amounts or excess. Children seek importance, meaning and our ability to show up in their hearts where they place you.

Together we need to be better and become! None left behind.


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