Teachers and Parents, here are some new things to try this school year. “Front to school”

http://Photo by Santi VedrĂ­ on Unsplash

Pick the child who desperately desires to lead and give them responsibility regardless of their academic performance. This could have positive impact that last the semester or a lifetime.

Attempt to reach kids at their ability via a possibly difficult path by stretching instructions with several connections to enhance wonder. Ex: Geometry using polygons and other shapes in video games.

The above can also be supported by each teacher noting particular student/s with difficulty as a discussion point to the weekly meeting/huddle. In the discussion new methods should be suggested based on what has worked in other classes or by other teachers.

I understand the limited resources and the importance of the role of all teacher and the efforts they apply daily. The challenges with some of the students are attached to belief in themselves, boredom due to engagement, and lack of positive emotions when they are learning new material.

Those items noted thus far are only suggestions and could prove beneficial in some environments.

Every opportunity to catch a potential gaps building and the application of creative measure could increase engagement in some of our students. These same students could gain a level of confidence on the next comment and the next.

List concrete fare standards for the classroom with discussion and individual agreements for each student. Successful application of these atmospheric changes may need rewards to show shared commitment.

Giving up devices, applying new behavioral habits may be heavy lifting for some and should be approached positively that allows for a decision by the student. As opposed to negative consequence by the teacher. (Partnership)

Monitor community engagement in the classroom lead by fairness among students with minimal isolation and segregation. Rotated team building exercises may have potential benefit in the classroom.

Keep a segment of time for play via some group game or specific team approach to solving big problems of the world related to the class subject . (Ex: Clean water solution – Chem, Animal extinction – Bio, Eng – Poetry for kids in pedi cancer wards……)

Teens want and need our input with measured value and belief in who they are becoming.

These are only suggestions with the utmost respect to the current plans in place.


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