One method to get our kids attention and imagination.

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I bet I can teach you anything.

Tell a story! The receptiveness is exponentially magnified.

Make up a story about a topic you understand well.

Add motion to your story. Movement is hard to resist once you have their attention.

Commit to demonstrating a measure of silliness when necessary

When telling the story, fluctuate your voice as needed for the characters or based on topic.

Keep engagement high by placing timed responses based on an action or word cue.

Note engagement and pivot story as needed.

Minimize the dark undertones such as rotten, disgusting or vulgar speech. There is a change it may be necessary based on the audience. (Be Responsible)

Have them tell you about the story and what the think it means in relation to the lesson.

Allow them to come up with their own to explain a complex process, procedure or fact.

This can be expanded or retracted based on your goofiness meter but the more you let go the more effective the kids will remember the message. Good luck!


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