The process to repair a heart broken by failed promises and vows

Take control of the mind because this is the battle ground.

Get close to the creator and know he is your source.

Arrest the negative thoughts and surround yourself with those capable of speaking positive words.

Seek knowledge starting with any good desires you have had. Or get new ones.

If your having difficulties with what knowledge to seek combine the previous two points by placing yourself in any environment that has the people or things you desire.

Take action steps one at a time starting with the smallest things associated with the goal.

Summary thus far:

  • The heart is repaired by words filled with truth (God’s word).
  • People who can speak truth about the good in you.(Hearing).
  • Gain understanding by seeking knowledge as if life depends on it, because it does.(Knowledge)
  • Taking incremental steps towards a goal small or large, celebrate the wins with thankfulness.(Doing)

As the repair process takes shape defined by a few brighter days where hope can live, giving rise to vision and dreams of a future.

Be on the look out for your hidden gifts, the areas on the way that was effortless, you wanted more off, willing to do freely, and people note it or even praise it. That should be your beacon above any economic gain or career direction of another.

Take hold of the vision that aligns with the precious point and and put heat seeking targets on it.

Then something special may show up if you so desire. A partner whose vision may blend with yours or may be bigger. That partner will catch a glimpse of you when your not looking and see the whole you. The you that you have struggled to see in yourself. Be mindful they may be ahead but they see your spirit, soul and body aligned passionately chasing purpose, becoming.

The next steps will be yours to pursue. God loves to repair broken things. If you choose not to partner, it’s fine as well but note that it will present it will present itself when your looking toward your goal. If you are wanting, it’s probably a distraction.

The love should manifest at the time you are buried in the work and finding happiness in it.

My hope is that this message reaches who this is meant. There is way too much good to stay in darkness #only for a season. #light dispenses the dark. #Faith and hope by hearing. #The gift within.


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