Building grit in our kids and youth.

Grit is the grain of character. It may generally be described as heroism materialized, spirit and will thrust into heart, brain, and backbone, so as to form part of the physical substance of the man.      

Edwin Percy Whipple

Do not provoke your kids to anger. They will shut down or give subpar performance. Heightened emotions can diminish the cognitive process or ability to think clearly.

Emphasize the importance of practice and preparedness. Demonstrate and celebrate it daily.

Make sure the child values and the values of the home are aligned behind the reason for doing the task. It should keep any thoughts of inadequacy at bay.

Listen for changes in tone when you request a progression update, procrastination and avoidance.

Encourage creativity in the home, art, music, engineering, inventions, problem solving, solution mindedness, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Be present for the performance as well as some of the practice. Maintain encouragement and belief in thier them not their abilities. It carries the weight that’s needed to get them to their best.

Get beyond knowledge to understanding. Fill every room in your home to get understanding of the different markets of the world. Eg real estate, medicine, engineering, law, society, faith, philosophy, languages and mathematics.

Touch and agree in prayer about the goal they set in front of them.

Encourage taking on bigger challenges and celebrate mini wins on the journey.

Build on wins and completions by solving associated problems or gifts that they can share with the world.

Let them know that they matter no matter there age. They can be the voice for those without a voice.

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