Who are the children

Children are the living Legacy of 10000+ before them..

They are the most precious on the planet with the greatest potential energy.

Children born into the information have access to more information that those who have come before them. We must give them our time for what they carry on the the inside to manifest.

The youth of today if unattended, can bury themselves into a digital environment where the atmosphere is of an artificial world. The world we live can easily become foreign to them especially in the moments they are subjected to our environment filled with traditional measures of skill, rigorous evaluations of performance, limitless nuances in human behavior and interactions.

While looking away, they are subject to radical life altering changes to their environment and what they have come to know:

  1. Loss of a family member.
  2. Divorce.
  3. Loss of income of a parent leading to radical changes in their environment.
  4. Parental arguments that have no mathematical proof.
  5. Friend dynamics they are not equipped to manage.
  6. School environment that are hostile to who they are and might be becoming due to the isolation
  7. Feelings of inadequacy because no one consistently expressed the image they were created in and there worth.
  8. Raised in a culture where social networking breaths pockets of people who they believe look like them. Segments where the environment has all the nutrient for assimilation and proliferation.
  9. Places where the voices of the ones that truly loves them are stifled ton.

There is hope, in the family that cares for each one of these kids. The families ability to observe the changes that occur and step in to secure their identity. The adults in their lives will need to take a communal approach in supporting their development. Parents will need to take the lead by allowing trusted mentors to speak into their lives when they are unable to get through.

Men need to play a larger role in speaking positively into the lives of our youth. We have to be willing to share our hearts, fears and beliefs in order to create a richer narrative.


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