Activities a family must find time to do together

Meal time – Breakfast, lunch and dinner without the intrusion of digital devices. Apply routines that would allow the kids telling a story or expressing a gift that they might have. Example: Singing, Dancing, Math Equation they are able to solve and explain, story telling, rapping, silent expression. All ages (Including Grandparents if possible)

Planting a garden, starting from the idea stage to tending to it as it grows. Have the kids be a major part in the selection process, planting and spacing patterns. All ages

Garage work – In the form of any bench work that uses manual dexterity. There are several kids I encounter who have difficulty using their hands passed the expected ages to have challenges in this area. Fine motor control movements like: Working with a screwdriver, wrench and hammer to name a few. Ages 6+

Arts and Craft projects can have significant benefits in this area as well. These activities seem to lesson the stress the child might encounter when interacting with others in more social settings. All ages

Creations and Inventing – WNJ post “creative thinking strengthen the brain, making every day activities and critical decision making much easier. Problem solving, judgment and self-esteem are also boosted by the art of creating and inventing“. I cannot emphasize the benefits to this activity that could potential lead to an additional stream of income a family can work on together. Ages 6+

Stocks and Investment introduction with participation in selection, strategies and purchase. Ages 12+

Saving, Investment and Charity conversations and strategies would also be beneficial to teach fundamentals. An example would be a visits to a food pantry along with discussion of the need for it. All ages

Home repair, home inventory and routine maintenance would also be a great addition to increase responsibilities as the child matures past the completion of simpler chores. Age 14+

Any sort of exercise or indoor / outdoor activity that can be done as a family or by interested or able members. All ages

One on one walks with each kid anywhere… I have had the opportunity to work with many kids and this seems to be the most needed. They yearn for the opportunity to converse with parents in a non critical way which makes it an ideal opportunity to speak life and purpose into their lives. Perfect for speaking about the gifts they possess that most are totally unaware of including the parent. Sometimes the area of greatest concern you have could be an area that possess a gift. Let them know that they were created in love and let them know some of the hopes, possibilities and dream both parents had for them. All kids

Bonus – Prayer, an old wise quote: “Families that prayer together stay together”. This holds so much truth and I recommend you seek the answer for yourself to gauge for your family. As for me and my house we highly recommend it.

My hope is that you find some useful information in this post and possibly able to add things that your family does that could also be beneficial. Every individual matters — Every family matters — Every community matters — Every society matters in forging and progressing the common baseline dream for our nations.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
-Theodore Roosevelt 


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