A Father’s presence in collaboration with the Mother

Are fathers the protectors, sustainers, source and the foundation of the home?

Can the absence of positive affirming words, correction and direction have an affect on the mental, emotional and spirtual development of children?

Do we need more positive role models speaking into the lives of our youth?

Fathers and Mothers must adjust their parenting approach in line with the times.

A focus on fatherhood principles should be the highest priority as opposed to basic sayings and past knowledge (Cultural knowledge) from their fathers.

True Fathers or those with such a desire should hold a leadership or a more engaged presence in family meetings. They make themselves available for explaining sound understanding of morals and values.

Evaluation of proverbs and biblical moral truths must be a high priority that parents must address.

A Mother and a Father must be in full agreement during these weekly meetings, it can have a significant tie to belief and overall identity of the child.

There must be a moral Rule giver’s input (Bible or Religious book) for there to be minimal wavering on interpretations.

Thank you, I hope this can be helpful as we seek answers.


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