An Analogy between raising kids and dribbling a soccer ball towards the goal.

Negative Principalities / forces tends to rise up in the environment causing children to go against parents will. Like dribbling a soccer ⚽️ ball down the field, it takes a series of gentle taps at first until you as a parent develop the skill to control with bigger taps. The communication between other committed leaders/mentors in their life needs to be spot on with a clear sense of their roles.

The ball should go the direction you want it to go most times with minimal variations. If there is a cornered feeling of anyone possessing the ball, it should be pass to another member of the team momentarily. The parents or to strickers up front should always be focused on the plan of attack when they are ready to push the ball forward agin.

When it time to score when you get close to the goal 🥅 you will know and you can kick 🦵 it with confidence into the net which is there future.

God got them. He gives us tons of instructions but interestingly he has given them tons of instructions as well.

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