Getting kids to pick up good habits

  • Start with the good values we as adults already have or are tying to develop yourself. Ex: Activities such as walking right after school or work with a one on one walk with each child.
  • Have weekly devotional to help ground kids in beliefs that are larger than themselves. Take turns reading scriptures or poetry and go around the room analyzing the meaning of the text.
  • Weekly meditation times with focus on thankfulness on things like the air we breath. Ex: Have your family turn off all distractions and quietly have everyone take deep breaths and releasing it slowly and express thankfulness for this breath and the next and the next….. Also focusing on the things all around them such as each persons gifts that make them who they are. Thankfulness for the family, house etc.
  • Write the values you deem important on their bathroom mirrors targeted at each child. Remind them that they are loved by speaking to their strengths. Ex: I am loved, I am disciplined, I am an artist, I am an engineer….
  • Teach financial values that you would like the family to follow by meeting weekly and giving simple structured techniques.
  • Promote practice being something worthy of praise and joy.
  • Prayer for others such as friends and extended family members as they come to mind.
  • Teach the children, particularly teens to fill themselves up daily with healthy routines starting early in the morning. Ex: Rise early with prayer, thankfulness, exercise and meditation to name a few
  • Children, particularly pre teens should write daily on paper or on a digital device about their day, highlighting large and small take aways from each day and a plan to complete one to three goals daily.
  • Share with kids about your job and your work along with how you use some of your gifts to make the work enjoyable.

My hope is that some of these items brings some value to you and the ones you were charged with to steward.


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