Connecting with our youth! Best way to break the ice with kids.

  • Be friendly!
  • Make them laugh with a friendly engaging tone.
  • Reward good behavior with compliments in the appropriate measure.
  • Invite them to play turn taking games like chess, checkers, monopoly, timed video games, jenga to name a few.
  • Treat them like you were talking to someone who’s opinion mattered no matter the topic.
  • Treat like they a being with the range of emotions you have on your most sensitive day.
  • Allow them to make mistakes in a semi controlled fashion.
  • If Teaching them, start with a game with questions attached to every turn. The questions should be open with no wrong answers, this allows them to be creative in their responses which allows an open mind when learning new things. Ex What would you rather be, lion or an eagle, swimming with fishes or flying with bird, how is thunder generated?
  • Avoid right and wrong response when they are answering questions but show them an alternate approach to get the answer.
  • Apply the rules as if you were training a robot to perform a task in a stepwise process. Robot Rules. Step 1, Step 2…. Let them know to pretend they were showing it to a robot, that’s why the steps are necessary.

Hope this post helps you have quicker connections with your kids.

And, most importantly, I know that we need to directly teach our children the most vital lessons, rather than assume that they’ll be understood.” Galit Breen, Kindness Wins 
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