Increasing kids engagement with assignment

  • Make a list of your child strengths and interest (age 6 – 17yrs)
  • Use those interest to assign new words 1 to 2 times daily (Weekends primarily)
  • The words should be new to the child but associated with one of the child strengths or interest as noted above. Example – 20 new words in medicine, physical sciences, design, aeronautics, tennis, marine biology to name a few.
  • The first few times you may need to send them a group of words you located preferably from a larger list they can choose the 20. (Google should be sufficient.
  • Have the child type the words and summarize the meanings but the goal is to develop their interest and a deeper understanding of the associated fields in that area.
  • Check in on their understanding by having them send the list to you and or discuss each word and their meaning.
  • Lastly, you may find that this may be a tall order for kids under 10yrs. You may substitute the task with a kids dictionary and have them read through a letter for the assigned time. Have them tell you about a few of the words they learned within that letter. Make sure you make yourself available for possible questions as they read through the words in that letter.

Win the battle for their minds.


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