Teens view of themselves needs a reboot

  • Let them know they make you proud. (“no but” don’t tie it to any current issues or concerns).
  • Give them clear expectations of the why and avoid over emphasis of the ones deeply rooted in our fears.
  • Promote fear mastery starting with small fears. Make it a family project, tracking how many times they overcame the fear during the week.
  • Be consistent with your affection, make it routine; they look forward to it more than you know and sometimes more than they know.
  • Equip them with the spiritual tool and physical tools to guard their minds.
  • Trust them and ties it to the values you instilled. Doing this should help root out some of the values you still need to add.
  • Identify the evolving version of how they see themselves by asking questions ties to common games (Jacks, cards, hot potato…. You can find common questions to ask teens via a google search.
  • No phone zones is crucial for certain personality types, you would know if your child has that personality type.
  • Tag systems around the home using posted list. This would help those who routinely omit assigned task.
  • Incorporate small goals and larger goals posted and visual in the living space.
  • Practice thankfulness with breathing exercise, holding the breath for 3 seconds and releasing while thinking of the person or thing they are thankful for, calm belief – believing in things as though they were with a sense of certainty, and lastly words of affirmation that follow “I am ____”
  • Good deeds goals for the week. Start small, but certainly start.

Hopefully some of these bring value to you and the most important legacy you share with the world