At Home Routines in order for kids to have a good day!

A prosperous day starts with the evening and night before….


  • Make sure you have a set routine.
  • Allow time for rest right after school. This should consist of things that excite the child, like play/ independent play and TV time if desired. Make sure this scheduled time if consistent for the child. For example, if the child gets in at 4pm, allow at least half hour for food and then half hour for play.
  • Utilize alarms set by the child for transitions between the activities.
  • Home work for elementary should consist of 15 – 20 mins of math in any format, reading at least 2 books for 15 – 20 mins.
  • Middle school kids should start their assigned home work, journaling about their day, identifying upcoming projects and reviewing notes about the things they learned that day. (1 – 2hrs)
  • Family time, along with time set aside to do something to help the family/unit. (chores) 30mins to an hour depending on what after school programs the child participates in during the week.
  • During all these activities, parents should keep note of their successes along with encouraging words or have the child keep note using a chart so they can be rewarded at the end of the week.
  • Bed times should be as consistent as possible during the week and on Sundays. It should consist of routines that are organized in such a way that repetition develops into consistency. (ex. Brushing teeth, all things gathered for the next day, clean room in preparation for the next day)
  • Prayer time and time for thankfulness should baked into the schedule as early as possible in the child’s development. This should be the last thing before bedtime. It can consist of family prayer and thankfulness but should consist of a brief intermit moment with one or both parents. This one act can convey a sense security, love, stability and peace to name a few. (Variability may be needed based on the child)
  • Some kids may need a story, some calming music or a dim light to go to sleep. (Optional depending on the child and what you find that works)


  • Set alarms for consistent wake times. The elementary and middle school kids may need your presence. Use kind words to wake up and excite.. (examples: Today is going to be a great day, What would you like for breakfast, Did you dream of anything fun)
  • Some kids may need a minute or two more, let them know how much time you will allow. Return and help them out of bed if necessary
  • Clothes and material should have been all laid out the night before including shoes and shocks so the child can get dressed independently. (Deodorant and lotion….)
  • Breakfast should be laid out for them if possible. (Elementary and Middle) Older kids may need a different approach but giving them an example of serving others, this is a great start to the day as well.
  • Quiet time, Reflection time, mindfulness or inspirational programs are all appropriate in my opinion.
  • Have the child verify that their room/space is all clean and everything that is needed for the day is put away.
  • One on one prayer time is highly recommended and should include thankfulness, positive “I am” statements and good things you see in them and coming there way… ( On occasion, if the family can do a prayer huddle that can give a sense of togetherness before the journey of the day)
  • Affection of some sort should also be made a priority. It can consist of the usual suspects like hugs and kisses but can also include traditional and non traditional gestures like special handshakes and gestures that convey connectivity to a unit.
  • Off to the bus or commute they go…..

Note, please let me know of any things that I might of missed or any routines that you do that are a big hit with your own kids.

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