3 methods you can use to teach new concept to kids

  1. Tell a story using characters while tying imagery to locations on their body. An example would be –

The seasons of the year associated with their fingers and a butterfly’s journey across the seasons represented by your thumb.

Winter would be your short pinky finger where the butterfly saw white on the ground.

Spring would be the wedding finger where the butterflies see flowers pop out of the ground

Summer would be the long middle finger where the days are long

Fall would be the pointer where fruits ripen and are harvested.

2. Explain concepts with direct comparisons to an object or something in their environment. An example would be –

A neuron is like a tree

Dendrites are the tree branches

Axon are its roots

3. Let the child see the function of the item being introduced and then you explain how it ties to their thought or association.

My son played the game Fortnite and he thought they showed him a new gesture/pose called the gentlemen’s bow. I then had to let him know that a bow was not created by the game and has been used as a form of greeting for a long time. Oh Fortnite…..


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